Eastern Screech Owl at lunch

Dear Reader,

I was out for lunch with my girlfriend Mollie at a sushi spot near a busy intersection in Toronto. We sat right near the front window of the restaurant. After we ate I was sitting staring out the window and noticed something sitting on top of a For Sale sign outside the restaurant. I had to look closely but it looked like an owl. At first I thought it must be fake but then noticed the feathers were blowing in the wind. I pointed it out to Mollie and she thought it was fake as well. At this point I was getting very excited. I have never seen an owl in the wild before and I was convinced this wasn't a fake. I walked by cautiously hoping not to scare the bird. I noticed it opening one eye and following me as I walked by. I got so excited I ran back into the restaurant and told Mollie it was real and asked her to try not draw attention to the owl so it would stick around until I got back. The restaurant wasn't far from where I live so I ran home to grab my camera. When I got back the owl was still there. I got a few good pictures and then left it alone. I didn't want to disturb it or draw attention to it considering we were near a busy intersection in Toronto. Also the stink eye it gave me is very clear in the photo. No one noticed the owl. It was so amazing finding such a unique animal just hanging out in an urban area like that. An Eastern Screech Owl is definitely one of the most unique birds I have seen in the wild.



Danny Miles- The Drummer Who loves Birds